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Plant Wide Automated Statistical Process Control Program

For companies implementing a plant-wide automated QA/SPC/DOE program, IQCS CERTIFICATION offers the right QA/SPC/DOE products and people needed to build an effective Measuring and Monitoring System For Continual Improvement.

IQCS CERTIFICATION is the exclusive representative in various parts of Asia of a wide-range of QA/Quality Engineering/Statistical software/hardware (USA software / hardware manufacturers) and has very broad range of solutions – from a simple QA/SPC tool to a network of sophisticated QA/SPC/DOE System (e.g., Real Time Networking System).

The range of products are as follows :-

For small/medium users:


(STAT-EASE) : DESIGN EASE, DESIGN EXPERT (1-10 users package)

(Gage Talker) : Handheld Data Collector, Gagetalker 111Plus workstation and a PC version data collector, Visual SPC

For large/sophisticated users:

(ASD) : SPC1+ NETWORK (10 users/128 users), SPC & ANOVA.TM Site Licenses

(Gage Talker) : Gage Talker Real Time, Data Page 111, GTWorks, GT Net, Network Monitor, Gage Port universal gage interfaces, various modules of Visual SPC, VisualCal, VsualDocs, VisualDNC, ENDURA & all applicable Hardware


(ASI) : Quality Function Deployment, FMEA, etc

QA/SPC Tools for all QA/QC Practitionals:

ProTRACK1, ProR&R, ProGAGE1, ProVIEW, Weibull Analyst, Quality Hardwood QUINCUNX board, SHEWHART sampling bowls, chip boxes, Deming funnel experiments, Runs Demonstrator, etc.

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